Murder Mystery Party Bridgeport Connecticut

Author: Murder Mystery Party  Date: 20 November 2020

Enjoy the Park City.

We know we are! In addition to the larger recreational areas, like Seaside Park and Pleasure Beach, nearly every neighborhood in Bridgeport has a green or pocket park. How does a picnic and murder sound? Escape the reality of life for a few hours and get killing! Everyone is suspect during a murder mystery game. Not only will you have to reveal the murderer, but you’ll also need to know how, when, and why the murder occurred. Ready? Get your own kit from the links below.

What Murder Mystery Party Games Do You Have

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Teenager murder mystery games

Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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    • What does one of your murder mystery party games cost? Click the game images above to see all our prices.
    • Do we need a party host? It's your choice. You purchase a game above then run it yourself or hire a murder mystery host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a roll/character? Yes they sure do.
    • What do I get in the game? Our murder mystery party games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous.
    • Can I ask questions? Yes, please click "Contact Us" above.

Why murder mystery parties are awesome!

This is not your normal dinner party. Here you are allowed to kill, bribe and backstab people you know

The interactive mingle format allows more intimacy between your guests. You all become a part of the mystery - No dreaded party lulls! Be prepared to discover how cunning your friends REALLY are!

Each guest decides how to solve the murder and achieve their goals - in whatever order they desire.

Why we are different from other whodunnit game providers!

Gozone Murder Mysteries, the company that produces these games has been writing, producing and hosting murder mysteries since 1990. You can be confident that you are getting an excellent product that has stood the test of time. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our games that we offer a full, 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Why murder mystery parties are great!

Do not shy away from this kind of party. We are aware that some maybe skeptical about it – but listen, you do not need to be a professional to try it. You do not need to have watched a million crime films to know how to run one. You just need a sense of humor, some little bit of confidence, detective instincts and planning. That’s it! These kinds of parties are great because EVERYONE is involved. You will bond with old and new friends alike.

Are you stuck?

Our team is ever ready to guide you on which game will suit your party. We will happily take on any question and share ideas on what our clients did to make their party lit!

Do you have hosts in Bridgeport?

Yes we do. Please contact us for an updated list of hosts in/around Bridgeport. (This will increase the cost but will also increase the success of your party by making it easier to organize and you get the benefit of their experience)

Where can these games be featured?

Our games are perfect for any kind of celebration: Corporate Office Parties, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Anniversaries, Holidays, Reunions, Fundraising, Christmas, Weddings, Halloween, any party!

Host a Mystery Party for Your Fundraising Event.

Do you need a great way to raise money for your cause? Host a murder mystery party! Just book a hall, charge a fee at the door, and get one of our games for your event. The instructions that come along with the game will guide you through the rest of hosting the event.

Are the games suitable for teenagers?

Parents should examine the contents for suitability before allowing their teens to play this game (returns accepted). We have games specifically for kids with an age-appropriate mystery and is easily solved by these teens. Click on Kid/Teen games above for exciting themes.

We appreciate your feedback.

We would love to know what was your experience. Please share by clicking the Facebook link below. You can even upload a photo of your party – and you can get your friends to add their comments as well!

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