Murder Mystery Party Hawaii

Author: Murder Mystery Party  Date: 22 August 2020

Why hold a murder mystery party Hawaii?

A murder mystery party gorgeous Hawaii offers the right kind of change in free time activities. The colorful state goes dark quickly when somebody is murdered at a dinner party and hell breaks loose. Nobody seems suspicious, yet the murderer is among you. Use this party time with your friends, family, or colleagues to bring back justice by solving this gruesome murder. Joining this mystery dinner party guarantees an exciting night, filled with action. Come to the dark side!

What Murder Mystery Party Games Do You Have

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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    • Do we need a party host? It's your choice. You purchase a game above then run it yourself or hire a murder mystery host.
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    • Does everyone get a roll/character? Yes they sure do.
    • What do I get in the game? Our murder mystery party games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous.
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How does a murder mystery party work?

Murder Mystery Party Comic

Where are you able to hold a murder mystery party Hawaii?



Enjoy a murder mystery party Hawaii?

Lets make your event a crime scene Hawaii and a really fun one, at that! There is something for everyone in our carefully drafted murder mystery party events.

From that second you step into the room, you’re submerged in the story. Very soon, a guest will drop dead (in a fun manner, of course). Who did it?! Well, that’s up to you to work out. We certify your guests will adore the chance to think like detectives for a night. Aren’t you ready to throw a party to die for? Contact us today.

Murder mystery parties are a great way to make an average party into an exciting one. Get your own Hawaiian murder mystery game for your next party! Everyone is suspect during a murder mystery dinner. Not only will you have to reveal the murderer, but you’ll also need to know how, when, and why the murder occurred. Sounds exciting?

Why we love Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches—some of them with unusual colors; white green, red, pink, and even black sand. Whether you like hiking or just sitting on the beach, Hawaii is the state for you. Our games are surging in popularity in Hawaii and have been featured in parties, fundraisers and corporate events.

Why murder mystery parties are great!

No one is left out! All party types are catered for – be it birthdays, team building, corporate getaways or weddings. Gone are the days when parties were all about eating, dancing and drinking. In a murder mystery game, you will need all your senses. Who is the killer? What was their motive? Could they be eating with you? The trick to doing well at a murder mystery party, whether you are trying to solve the murder or just achieve your other objectives, is to talk to people. You need to talk to players to find out who can help you and who may hinder you.

Why choose us as your Murder Mystery game supplier?

Because we know what works. We have been supplying games since 1990 and therefore will be able to guide you on what to include in your events or parties. You will never look at parties the same way.

How can I organise my Hawaii murder mystery party?

Check your calendar, pick a date, get your game, organize a host and have fun. Because murder mysteries involve playing games and your guests doing lots of fun and silly things, they need a quiet venue with lots of space. (Please do not forget to choose a playlist that fits the ordered theme).

How much does a murder mystery party cost in Hawaii?

Between $2 to $10 per person.

Our advise?

Pick a theme that your guests can relate to. Carefully plan the kind of game you and your friends would most enjoy and that you won’t forget for a while.

Music is food to the soul! The music you play at your party really sets the vibe for the whole evening and helps create and enhance the mood. We suggest you play jazz, classical or soft new age music. This will allow people to talk but it will still create a relaxed atmosphere.

Costumes play an important role in helping everyone get into character. You can either have props available for each guest or have them bring their own.

Nothing says murder like a fresh crime scene. Crime scene tapes, bloody handprints, a knocked over table lamp etc., can give your guests a much better time when you "set the scene" with decorations.

Most organizers will admit that food takes much time and could raise the cost when catering for a party. You don’t need to break the bank or spend hours slaving away in the kitchen to pull off the food. Prepare simple finger foods and get to enjoy the party as well.

You can choose to reward characters who are outstanding in their roles.

Most importantly, have fun!

You want to do this? But where do you start?

We will provide over 200 items to make your party a success i.e. game instructions, clues, participant roles, decoration ideas and more.

Do I need a Host for my Murder Mystery Party?

The choice is yours. You have an option of running it yourself or hire a professional. This will increase the cost but will also increase the success of your party by making it easier to organize and you get the benefit of their experience. If you still wish to get the services of a professional, click the "hire a host" button above.

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