Murder Mystery Party Salt Lake City Utah

Author: Murder Mystery Party  Date: 08 December 2020

Why we are in Salt Lake City.

There’s always something going on in Salt Lake. Choose from intimate piano clubs, a bohemian music scene, or high-end cocktail bars. You can even relax with a friendly game of pool, a beer and a movie, or watching sports on the big screen. The events calendar is exciting as there are plenty of local festivals, parades, parties, and more that celebrate Salt Lake’s history, culture, and community. We know that our well written and prepared games will be featured in SLC parties!

What Murder Mystery Party Games Do You Have

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Teenager murder mystery games

Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q.

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    • What does one of your murder mystery party games cost? Click the game images above to see all our prices.
    • Do we need a party host? It's your choice. You purchase a game above then run it yourself or hire a murder mystery host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the hosts directly to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a roll/character? Yes they sure do.
    • What do I get in the game? Our murder mystery party games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party fabulous.
    • Can I ask questions? Yes, please click "Contact Us" above.

Why the City of the Saints needs to choose us.

We have games that are perfect for conservative groups that want to avoid racy or inappropriate themes, usually a great choice for church fundraisers, youth camps and community building. Don’t shy away from gathering Aunt Debra and her church friends - throw the event of the year with our games that do not involve murder. Check out the links above for murder-free games!

What do we need?

Pick a date.

Pick and order your game from our wide selection below. (Be sure to consider your guests interests).

Choose a venue – decide whether you want to host it at home or you will want to hire a hall or a haunted mansion.

Lastly and most importantly, you need to have fun!!

Why have a murder mystery game?

Here you will go into a fantasy world and get to do all the crazy stuff you wouldn’t do in the real world. Imagine going to a party where you and your friends actually get to play characters who you would love to see ‘suffer at the hand of your murderer’. Point of caution though – don’t make your choices obvious!

Can we decorate?

It would be great if you did. Setting the scene makes your event stand out. Create crime scenes on the location where the event will be held. The fun will be worth the effort you put in preparing and setting it up. You and friends can even come in costumes. Game, Set, Murder!

What about food?

Keep it simple. Pizza, grazing plates or party pies are best. Finger food is the way to go.

Can you recommend a murder mystery venue in Salt Lake City?

Free venues are always great. A big backyard or a shed could be an option for small events. You can however check out your local venues for hire.

How long have you been running murder mystery parties?

If you are looking for mystery party ideas you have found the best supplier of murder mystery games anywhere. We have been supplying murder mystery games, both downloadable and boxed for 30 years.

What is your refund policy?

We have worked very hard for years to make our games amazing. That said, sometimes a game is not right for you. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your boxed game for a full, no questions asked refund. Boxed games must be returned unused, at your expense, and refunds will not include any postage charges. Download games must be cancelled less than 48 hours after purchase.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! We want to help you. Email us using the contact us link in the menu above.

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